Getting Around

Trinidad is relatively easy to negotiate on foot as most attractions are in the historic hub, centred around the Plaza Mayor. It is a charming and generally safe town for pedestrians and getting around on foot somehow suits the ponderous pace of life in Trinidad.

Playa Ancon's beaches are serviced by minibuses, usually from about 8am until dusk, running along Maceo. Taxis are available, as are car rental agencies, though streets can be somewhat labyrinthine and are known by different names, which can make driving confusing. Travellers won't struggle to hire a horse-drawn wagon either, should the urge strike them.

A novel way to explore is on the vintage steam train, whiich dates back to 1907 and travels to Valle de los Ingenios. It generally leaves Trinidad at about 9.30am and returns at 2pm. There are also popular horseback tours of the valley, and many people get around the area on bicycles. Ultimately, it's a small and friendly place and exceedingly easy to get around.