Trondheim Travel Guide

The oldest of Norway's major cities, Trondheim has a youthful feel thanks to the student population from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. Traditionally a religious centre and trading hub for northern Europe, the city of Trondheim is now well over a thousand years old.

Trondheim is home to some important historic landmarks, including the Nidaros Cathedral, one of the biggest churches in northern Europe and the only Gothic cathedral in Norway. There are many traditional wooden houses in pretty areas including Bakklandet and Ilsvikora, and other wooden buildings can be viewed from the Old Town Bridge.

There are historical military sites at the fortress island of Munkholmen and the former German submarine base of DORA 1. Trondheim also has several good-quality museums dedicated to local culture and history. Trondheim is a picturesque city, and though there are active pursuits like skiing, swimming, and hiking available, it is also pleasant to simply stroll along the Nidelva River.

There are a number of shopping centres and restaurants spread across town and the student population ensures an energetic nightlife, though venues tend to close earlier than in other major cities. The city is especially lively in July and August during the St Olav Festival.