Getting Around

As travellers might expect from a city famous for its canals, water is the main medium of transport in Venice. Water buses, known as vaporetti, ply the Grand Canal and make scheduled stops. The vaporetti are a far cheaper way to get around Venice than the famous gondolas, which are piloted by stripe-shirted gondoliers who for an extra fee will serenade passengers. Travelling down the Grand Canal is obligatory but the vaporetti are well-suited for this purpose. Once ashore, the only way to explore is on foot, through the narrow alleys and lively squares; there are no cars or bicycles in Venice. Visitors should make sure they have a good map as the city can become a confusing labyrinth. An ACTV Tourist Travel Card is a great option for tourists that want to use the city's public transport system on a regular basis. One, two, three and seven-day travel cards can be purchased in advance at, and at many convenience stores in the city. Tickets can also be boughts in advance for the Alilaguna service to and from the airport.