Vojvodina Travel Guide

Vojvodina sits in the northern reaches of Serbia, on the vast Pannonian Plain that sweeps down from neighbouring Hungary. Bordered by rivers on two sides, the countryside is dotted with many small towns, monasteries and castles.

While most of Vojvodina is rural, the capital city of Novi Sad is a bustling city of 400,000 people, and the cultural heart of the province. A charming blend of traditional Serbian culture and modern ways of life, the city has a number of theatres, museums, art galleries and a number of fascinating historical buildings.

The countryside around Novi Sad and throughout Vojvodina is rich and fertile, providing much of the food for the rest of Serbia. A patchwork of farms, vineyards and fields, it's ideal for outdoor activities such as horseback riding, golf and hiking. Lake Palic is a popular weekend destination, with its art nouveau buildings, 19th-century spa and excellent eateries.

Other popular towns and tourist destinations in Vojvodina include Sremski Karlovci, Subotica, Paracin, Titel and Vrsac. A driving tour of Vojvodina is an essential part of any holiday in Serbia, allowing travellers to experience the diverse local cultures that give each town a unique history and personality.