Walvis Bay Climate and Weather

Walvis Bay has a desert or arid climate, and is one of the driest towns on the planet. Despite its lack of rainfall, Walvis is not an overly hot place. The cold Atlantic Ocean and the prevailing offshore currents ensure that the temperature in Walvis averages around 7°F (24C) in summer, between November and February, and 64F (17C) in winter, between June and August.

The town experiences no real humidity, but in the evenings a dense sea fog often rolls in off the ocean. This fog can sometimes be quite thick and most animals in the region use it as their principal source of moisture in the unforgiving desert climate.

The little rain that does fall arrives in late summer and spring, mostly in March, with a little in January and February as well. The pleasantly mild temperatures of Walvis Bay, in comparison to the rest of the desert, make it a great destination in summer as well as winter.

Although the best time for game viewing in Namibia is between May and October, bird watching is often at its best in summer, and Walvis Bay is one of the most temperate destinations to use as a travel hub during the fiercely hot summer months.

Walvis Bay