Windhoek Climate and Weather

Windhoek has a semi-desert, arid climate, with very hot summers and mild winters. Temperatures tend to drop dramatically at night. Windhoek is blessed with sun almost every day of the year (on average 300 days a year are sunny), and every season has its advantages for travel.

Average temperatures in winter (between June and August) range from 43F (6C) to 70F (21C). Nights are cold and warm clothes are necessary, but temperatures seldom dip below 32F (0C) and it almost never snows.

Winters are usually very dry and little or no rain falls between May and September. December is the wettest month of the year. The region is susceptible to drought, and a serious drought hits every decade or so. Temperatures in summer (between November and February) range from the pleasantly warm to the swelteringly hot, with daytime temperatures frequently hitting 30C (86F).

The most popular time to travel to Windhoek is between March and October, in particular between April and June, when rainfall is lowest and temperatures are mild. Winter is also best for game viewing, as animals tend to congregate around water and are easier to spot.