Climate in Costa Rica

Costa Rica has a typically tropical climate, which means that the seasons are not distinct. There is little difference in temperature throughout the year, and there is a lot of rainfall, particularly from May to November. However, December to April gets significantly less rain.

Temperatures along the coast are hotter, averaging 89F (32C), although they are tempered down by welcome sea breezes. The highland areas are warm during the day and can be quite cool at night. The sun shines year round in Costa Rica and there is no real winter, which makes it a year-round holiday destination. The coolest months of the year are November, December and January, and the hottest months of the year are March, April and May, but there is not a big difference. Peak tourist season in Costa Rica is from November to April, but the weather is good all year round, so for those looking to avoid the crowds, it is better to visit out of season.

San Jose Costa Rica