American Samoa Travel Guide

Nestled deep in the Samoan Archipelago lies the hidden treasure of American Samoa. Aptly referred to as the Heart of Polynesia, its white palm-fringed shores are greeted by the warm tropical waters of the South Pacific Ocean.

While European explorers first arrived in the 18th century and the US occupation began in 1900, the islands were inhabited as early as 1000 BC by Polynesian navigators. Not to be confused with Western Samoa, American Samoa comprises six islands located in the Samoan Archipelago halfway between Hawaii and New Zealand. While there is a strong American influence in the islands, American Samoans proudly retain their cultural heritage.

The main island of Tutuila is mountainous and wonderfully scenic, with good hiking in the National Park of American Samoa. Transport around the island is cheap and buses operate from the market in Fagatoo. The island's list of attractions includes a wealth of waterfalls, local villages, native wildlife, beautiful beaches, and captivating archaeological sites. So visitors will have plenty to keep them busy.

It is also home to the capital and only port of call, Pago Pago, which is both an entertaining and informative village. The US-style stores, restaurants, and bars are a refreshing change for anyone who has been travelling the Pacific Islands for a long time.

American Samoa boasts some of the most breathtaking beaches anywhere in the South Pacific. The warm, humid climate makes this a lovely tropical holiday destination. Getting off the beaches and into the turquoise waters themselves provides a real adventure as visitors explore the biodiversity of marine life on offer here. Fagatele Bay National Marine Sanctuary is a must for all diving or snorkelling enthusiasts. It is a haven for flamboyant tropical fish, crabs, lobster, sharks, and octopuses.

The National Park of American Samoa, which is essentially three parks laid out across four extinct volcanic islands, also offers visitors some of the best scenery for miles and is well-worth the visit especially for hiking enthusiasts.

The weather is warm, the people hospitable, and the country exquisitely gorgeous. The memory of American Samoa is one that will certainly be relived for years to come by all those who visit this wonderful country.