Things to do in Australia

Both continent and country, Australia spans thousands of miles from coast to coast and is packed full of wonderful sightseeing activities for visitors of every budget and taste. Australia offers tropical rainforests, more than 8,000 species of wildflowers in Western Australia alone, a sublime coastline including the likes of Fraser Island (the world's largest sand island), vast, dramatic dessert landscapes and some great modern cities. This super diverse country boasts about 14 UNESCO-listed areas, 2,000 national parks and 7,000 beaches, ensuring that there is plenty to explore in this Land Down Under.

Visitors should head north to explore the rugged bush and ancient Aboriginal cultures while trekking across the Great Outback, visiting Uluru (Ayres Rock) along the way; splash into the crystalline waters of the Great Barrier Reef for a spot of snorkelling; head south towards Sydney for a day of basking in the sun on Bondi Beach; take in the historical sites in the Rocks, the site of the first European settlement in 1788 and the birthplace of Australia; go hiking in the Blue Mountains; and pay a special visit to Hunter Valley for a spot of wine tasting. With all these options and hundreds more, visitors will have trouble narrowing down their itineraries.

Australia is all about the great outdoors, with exciting and unique wildlife to boot and visitors should get out and explore the sights on foot when possible. Travelling along the east coast of the country is best done by bus or car, while those wanting to cross the treacherous great expanse of the country are advised to catch a plane, unless they are interested in an outback safari.

With so many territories offering their own special flavour, it would take a few months, if not years to explore and discover all that this magical country has to offer.