Airports in Bonaire

Bonaire Airport

The airport is located in Kralendijk, Bonaire.

Bonaire Airport (BON)


The airport is located in Kralendijk, Bonaire.

Getting to the city

There are no public buses in Bonaire, however most hotels provide shuttles on request.


Local time is GMT -4.

Car rental

Car hire agencies operating from the airport include Avis, Budget, and Hertz.

Airport Taxis

Taxis are available from the airport. There may be extra fees for additional passengers, public holidays, waiting times or journeys between midnight and 6am.


Airport facilities include ATMs, restaurants, souvenir and liquor shops, public telephones, a smoking area and VIP lounge. Handicapped facilities are also available.


Parking is $1 per hour. Daily rates are $12 for short-term parking, and $6 for long-term.