Things to do in Cayman Islands

The most popular things to do in the Cayman Islands revolve around sun, sand, and blue water, meaning the destination is, unsurprisingly, a watersports paradise. Around Grand Cayman alone there are more than 150 scuba diving sites, and the coral reefs are celebrated for their health, despite the overall degradation of coral in the Caribbean.

The islands are also a prime destination for fishing and the resorts offer all the usual fun recreational sports. Lounging on the beautiful beaches is another favoured pastime. Indeed, many claim that Seven Mile Beach on Grand Cayman is the best beach in the Caribbean.

Colourful and rare wildlife is found in abundance in the Cayman Islands, both in the water and on land. Little Cayman, the least visited of the islands by tourists, thrives with visiting red-footed boobies. Dive sites such as the aptly names Stingray City are home to surprisingly friendly stingrays that are a delight to snorkel with, while Boatswain's Beach on Grand Cayman is home to the famous Cayman Turtle Farm.

Landlubbers can visit the historic sites of George Town and Pedro St James Castle, or walk through Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park. The rainy season, from May to November, staves off tourist crowds and is a good time to soak in the Cayman attractions despite a bit of rain.

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