Resorts in Egypt

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Aswan, the most southerly Egyptian resort city, and a popular holiday destination, has more of an African ambiance than most Egyptian cities, due to its numerous Nubian inhabitants…

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With an enduring Bohemian quality, golden beaches and a laid-back atmosphere, Dahab is an excellent holiday destination, particularly for backpackers and scuba divers. The destinat…

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El Gouna

The elite holiday resort of El Gouna, also known as the 'Venice of the Red Sea', is 25 miles (40km) north of Hurghada International Airport and is nestled between the mountains and…

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Hurghada, known locally as Ghardaga, has grown from a small fishing village to an internationally renowned holiday resort town on the Red Sea coast of Egypt, famous for its underwa…

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Sharm el-Sheikh

A world-acclaimed dive centre and the most developed of the Red Sea resorts, Sharm el-Sheikh has many holiday activities, and plenty of luxury accommodation and restaurants availab…

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Taba Heights

Surrounded by picturesque crimson mountains and azure seas lies the exotic holiday resort of Taba Heights. Ideally situated in one the most breathtaking spots on the Sinai Peninsul…

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