Eritrea Travel Guide

Eritrea lies tucked between Sudan and Ethiopia on the northeastern edge of the continent. African, though with a sprinkling of European and Arabian influences, this remote destination will reward those who can forgo some comfort for the adventure of a lifetime.

The Great Rift Valley splits the fertile west from the eastern desert and both regions have their charms. Indeed, Eritrea is a trove of wondrous attractions, despite its high fuel prices, poor infrastructure and notable lack of tourists.

The exotic coastal town of Massawa is a good base for divers, who will delight in the Red Sea's diverse coral reefs and majestic sea life. History buffs should linger in the capital, Asmara, which showcases its Italian roots through some of the most intact colonial architecture in Africa. South of Asmara, travellers will find pre-Aksumite civilisation sites such as the ruins of Qohaito, the ongoing excavation of which is constantly revealing new mysteries.

Adventurers should bear in mind that there are risks in visiting Eritrea and that many foreign offices advise against travel to certain regions, especially areas close to its land borders. However, with the right measure of caution, travellers are certain to have a tremendous time in this mysterious country.