Climate in Fiji

The weather in Fiji is one of the reasons it is such an attractive beach holiday destination. Fiji enjoys a typical tropical climate, with trade winds usually blowing across the islands to cool things down. Maximum summer temperatures average 88F (31C), with the winter average not very different at 84F (29C). Fiji usually experiences its hottest weather between December and April, and its coolest temperatures between May and November.

Rain can be expected at any time of year but the wet season is technically from November to April. The rainy season in Fiji doesn't rule out travel though, as most of the rain comes in brief showers that can be refreshing in the heat. Fiji does occasionally experience cyclones, which occur during the wet season. The weather on Fiji's smaller islands tends to be milder, and they typically receive less rain than the main islands. The driest months are April, May, June and October.

The best time to visit Fiji is any time between late March and early December. June to October, the winter months, can also be a pleasant time to visit, as it is still warm but there is less humidity. The sea temperature in Fiji is pleasant year-round.