Climate in Gabon

Gabon is characterised by the heat, humidity, and heavy rainfall typical of tropical regions. The dry months are from May to September, December and January. The average daily temperature is about 81F (27C) and the high average humidity level (80 percent) makes it seem even hotter. The hottest months are between February and April, when temperatures in the capital, Libreville, average between 73F (23C) and 88F (31C).

The long dry season, between May and September, is the best time to travel to Gabon weather-wise, because although it is hot, mosquitoes and other insects are at their least plentiful and the roads are more easily traversed when dry. However, many tourists travel to Gabon primarily to see the plentiful wildlife in the national parks and it is a good idea to check with the parks for information on seasonal wildlife migrations.