Climate in Georgia Republic

Georgia generally has a warm, temperate climate, though the Likhi mountain range divides the country into western and eastern halves, shielding the eastern part of the country from the influence of the Black Sea and creating a continental climate. The average temperature in the east ranges between 60F to 75F (20C to 24C) in summer and between 36F to 39F (2C to 4C) in winter.

Western Georgia experiences a sub-tropical, maritime climate, and summer temperatures average around 72F (22C), dropping to 41F (5C) in winter. The west can get humid and receives rainfall throughout the year, but autumn and winter receive the heaviest precipitation. In the east, rainfall peaks in spring, and winter is the driest season. The mountainous areas receive a lot of rain, but the amount of rainfall generally decreases with distance from the coast.

Whether travellers are visiting the coast or the mountains, the best time to see Georgia is during summer. The weather is at its sunniest and most pleasant in May, June and September. However, as the country's climate varies somewhat from region to region, it's worth checking out exactly what to expect for particular destinations.