Guinea-Bissau Travel Guide

Guinea-Bissau is a tiny country on the coast of West Africa bordered by Senegal to the north and Guinea to the south. Very few people holiday in Guinea-Bissau but those that do describe it as one of Africa's true gems, a land of great beauty, variety, and warm welcomes.

Guinea-Bissau is a flat country characterised by two distinct terrains. The coast is lush and forested, while the interior is dry and dusty, although intersected by myriad rivers, pools and lagoons. The country's best natural splendour can be viewed in the celebrated Cantanhez Natural Park in Jemberem, while the Bijagos Archipelago offers some of Africa's best island experiences, including incredible snorkelling and diving, and indigenous tribes with rich traditions. Other chief highlights include the beautiful and mostly unspoiled beaches, abundant wildlife including significant populations of chimpanzees and rare salt-water hippopotamuses, and elegantly decaying colonial architecture from the Portuguese era

The capital, Bissau, has the country's best tourist facilities although these are still very limited. The roads of Guinea-Bissau are notoriously rough, making getting around the country challenging. In general the very limited tourist infrastructure makes Guinea-Bissau a destination that attracts only adventure travellers and overlanders.

A terrible civil war broke out in 1998 and although hostilities have ceased a succession of military coups since then has ensured the country remains somewhat unstable. Travellers are therefore strongly advised to stay abreast of current developments before departure.