Climate in Hong Kong

The climate of Hong Kong is subtropical, with hot humid summers and cool dry winters. Monsoon winds blow in from the north between September and March, and from the south between April and August. The winter months of January and February are generally wet and cold, while in the height of summer it is hot and humidity is very high.

From June to September (the peak summer months) temperatures average 86°F (30ºC) with 95 percent humidity. Some rain and humidity can be expected throughout the year. Even during the height of summer, it's worth bringing some warm clothing to combat the fierce air conditioning in shops and offices.

The best time to visit Hong Kong is in the mild autumn months of October and November. However, it's generally considered a year-round destination, particularly as some of Hong Kong's main attractions such as its shopping facilities are indoors. As the Hong Kong streets are known to get dirty, especially when wet, it is advisable to wear dark shoes when exploring the city and always to have an umbrella handy.

Hong Kong City