Climate in Hungary

Hungary has a continental climate with distinct seasons, and a big variation between winter and summer conditions. Most people enjoy visiting Hungary over the summer period (June to August) when the weather is warmer and the attractions are open. The weather in spring and autumn can be pleasant too, but temperatures do drop to around 20°F (9°C). Temperatures approach freezing during winter (December to February), with snow blanketing the ground for weeks and the mighty Danube River freezing over. Rainfall is largely dependent on the region.

The west of Hungary, including Budapest, starts warming up after a cold winter in April. The weather in this part of Hungary is hot and humid throughout the summer months, which are the most popular time to visit.

Eastern and central Hungary experience hot, dry summers and cold, wet winters. The wind is often strong on the plains, adding to the chill factor. In the south of Hungary, there is a slightly warmer climate and summers are long, hot and rainy while winters are shorter and less severe, with temperatures seldom dropping below freezing.