Climate in Jamaica

Jamaica's climate is tropical with constant warm to hot temperatures all year round, though conditions are cooler in the higher, central areas. On the coast temperatures range from 72F (22C) and 88F (31C). Mornings and evenings are slightly chillier in the winter months but Jamaica is hot year-round. There are variations in climate according to region, with the east coast receiving substantially more rain than the rest of the country, and the south coast far less.

The wettest months are between May and November, when short sharp showers can be expected. The heaviest rains occur in September and October and the hurricane season runs from June to November. The country is also in the earthquake zone.

Due to its tropical climate Jamaica is a popular destination all year, but the best time to visit is between mid-December and mid-April, which is the peak tourist season. If visitors are travelling on a budget or want to avoid the crowds, they should consider coming in the rainy season, which has its own charms.


Ocho Rios