Liechtenstein Travel Guide

Liechtenstein is a mountainous little principality sandwiched between Switzerland and Austria. How little? Well, visitors could technically drive right around the edge of the country in about eight hours. The eastern region of Liechtenstein, bordering Austria, is the highest point in a country of impressive mountains, with the peaks of Grauspitz reaching 8,527 feet (2,599m).

Because of the small size of the country, ski enthusiasts like to joke about riding from Grauspitz right down the western slope into Switzerland. Of course, this is not technically possible. Besides the fact that the slopes end well before reaching Switzerland, the entire western border of Liechtenstein is made up of the mighty Rhine River, which is impossible to ski over even in the dead of winter. Having said that, border crossings are very relaxed in Liechtenstein and it is easy to bounce between Switzerland and Austria.

On the route past the lush Rhine Valley that makes up the western half of the country, a visit to the capital of Vaduz will yield a handful of remarkable sights. The Vaduz Castle is the residence of the Prince of Liechtenstein. It perches atop a hill overlooking the city and has become synonymous with the town despite the fact that no one is actually allowed to visit the castle. There is an art gallery and the Liechtenstein National Museum, which tells the story behind how this interesting little country came to be. Most sightseeing can be done by foot or on a bicycle; the city is very safe for such activity and certainly small enough. To see the rest of the country, travellers can simply rent a car.