Martinique Travel Guide

Nestled in the heart of the Caribbean, Martinique is an overseas region of France and one of the many islands that make up the Lesser Antilles island group affectionately referred to as the 'Breezy Islands'.

The destination enjoys a rich and diverse history, as showcased through attractions such as the quaint little cottage of La Pagerie, which honours a family of the same name. Josephine, a daughter of that clan, became the Empress of Napoleon. The 600-foot (182m) pinnacle of Diamond Rock rises majestically from the sea and was once a strategic garrison during the Napoleonic wars. Today, the spectacular caves and coral reefs around the pinnacle attract scuba divers from all corners of the globe.

The majestic volcano, Mount Pelee, sits smoldering above the former capital, Saint-Pierre, a once booming town destroyed by a volcanic eruption in 1902. The twin peaks of Carbet and Mount Pelee dominate the island, rising above Martinique's legendary tropical rainforest. Unlike so many exotic island locations, this area of unspoilt beauty has not yet been fully discovered by tourists.

There is something for just about everybody on Martinique. The active and adventurous can enjoy kitesurfing, yachting, diving, surfing and sailing as well as mountain biking, hiking, and cliff jumping. For the less adventurous, warm sunny days can be spent lazing on the sandy, white, palm-fringed beaches, many of which are truly magnificent.