Climate in Netherlands

The Netherlands' fairly temperate climate is very similar to the UK's. There are four distinct seasons, but the temperatures are variable year-round and rain occurs throughout the year. The weather is particularly changeable on the coast, where it's influenced by the ocean. The Netherlands experiences cool summers, between June and August, and mild winters, between December and February. The average summer temperatures range between 53°F and 72°F (12°C and 22°C), and the average winter temperatures range between 34°F and 43°F (1°C and 6°C). Snow can fall anytime between November and April, although the country only experiences an average of about 25 snowy days a year. Rainfall can occur at any time of year, but is marginally more common in summer and autumn. Tourists should ensure that they pack a rain jacket whatever time of year they visit the Netherlands.

Despite the hordes of tourists, the best time to visit is over the summer (June to August), or in spring (April and May) when the famous tulips are in bloom. However, the country is a year-round travel destination, as enjoyment of the cultural attractions, such as museums, galleries, restaurants and historic buildings is mostly not weather dependant.