St Lucia Travel Guide

Nicknamed 'The Helen of the West' in reference to the great beauty of Helen of Troy, St Lucia is a picture perfect oasis of mountains, rainforest and white sand beaches. Perfect for honeymoon couples and families alike, it is renowned as the most welcoming destination in the Caribbean.

Its most famous features are the Pitons, which rise from the sea to dominate the south west corner of the island. Between these iconic peaks lies the charmingly colourful town of Soufriere and the famous Sugar Beach. Just south of the capital city of Castries, Marigot Bay is a picturesque harbour surrounded by steep cliffs protecting it from the tropical storms that can hit the region. To the north is Rodney Bay, home to numerous restaurants, bars and hotels.

Seventy-seven percent of the island is covered in tropical rainforest. If tourists need a change from snorkeling or scuba diving, they can venture inland to hunt for wild orchids and bird life such as the rare St Lucia parrot. St Lucia plays host to many visitors seeking out its natural spa. Sulphur Springs owns the strange distinction of being the world's only drive-in volcano. Tourists can drive right to the heart of the volcano, where the mineral rich waters and mud have healing properties for those who can stand the rather strong sulphuric odours.