Tajikistan Travel Guide

Tajikistan in central Asia is a landlocked and mountainous country, proving popular with adventurers and mountaineers, particularly those partial to a road less travelled.

Its hard-won political stability means Tajikistan is now peaceful for the most part, finally giving this beautiful but impoverished country a chance at growth and prosperity.

While the capital city of Dushanbe is known for its famous Monday Market and Soviet-era statues, most visitors are drawn to the region because of its natural wonders. In the far west, the city of Khorog serves as a gateway to the magnificent Pamirs, probably the least-explored mountain range in the world. A vast territory and difficult to access, it still rewards intrepid explorers with astonishing alpine vistas and endless mountaineering opportunities in an unspoilt wilderness.

Among the other highlights of Tajik are the seven Muragazor Lakes which famously change colour throughout the day. Trekkers also come to Tajikistan to traverse the ancient Silk Road routes, and in doing so retrace journeys first taken three millennia ago connecting the east and the west.

Tajikistan might not be at the top of an adventurer's list, but its raw and untouched wildernesses and spectacular mountain scapes mean that perhaps it should be.