Things to do in United States of America

Sightseeing in the USA is a lifelong pursuit, due to the vast scale and variety of the attractions on offer. Indeed, the USA is far more than a single country: each state and region has its own character, geography and unique, world-class sights.

Three-quarters of all foreign tourists spend time in California, Florida and New York, while the country's five most visited cities by foreign tourists are in these three states. In between east coast California's beaches, movie glitz and sunny weather and west coast New York's urban thrills and iconic sights, the USA is a country of great diversity: the Creole culture of Louisiana, the wide-open plains of the great Midwest, epic skiing around the Rocky Mountains, the magnificence of the Grand Canyon, and astounding lights of nearby Las Vegas. Offshore Hawaii is a place of irresistible beauty too, and Alaska offers a unique wilderness to explore.

Given all there is to see and do, and the vast distances between them, visitors will need to plan their trip carefully and concentrate on a few areas. Winters (November to February) on the east coast get very cold with plenty of snow, while beaches can get uncomfortably hot over peak summer months of July and August. Travellers should also look out for big national events such as Spring Break (March), Fourth of July, and Thanksgiving (fourth Thursday in November), when transport and accommodation get very busy.