Climate in New South Wales

The climate in New South Wales is mostly temperate, semi-arid or arid, depending on the area, but generally summers are warm and winters fairly mild. The coast experiences heat and humidity during the summer months (December to February). The hottest area is the northwest part of the state, while the coldest region is the Snowy Mountains, where snow and frost persist for long periods during the winter months (June to August).

Sydney enjoys a temperate climate, with summer temperatures averaging between 63°F (17°C) and 78°F (25°C), while in winter temperatures average between 46°F (8°C) and 64°F (17°C). Some rain is likely in every month in Sydney, but spring is the driest season on average. The most popular time to visit Sydney, and New South Wales in general, is in the peak summer months between December and February, but travellers will find that anytime between September and May is pleasant weather-wise.