Agriculture dominates the small state of South Carolina, a region of rolling hills, fertile farmland, and grand antebellum plantations. The pastoral landscapes are charming but hold little interest, with most visitors drawn to the South Carolina coast, which contains most of its attractions.

White sandy seashore stretches from the Grand Strand in the north to the mouth of the Savannah River in the south. The resort of Myrtle Beach is the glitzy heart, which is famous for its family entertainment, amusement park attractions, and recreational activities, especially golf.

Resorts populate the coast to historic Georgetown, sitting between the carnival atmosphere of Myrtle Beach and the old port grandeur of Charleston, one of the most elegant cities in the country. South of Charleston, the coastline breaks into small marshy islands that preserve traces of Gullah culture.

The Sea Islands are home to descendants of West African slaves, brought to labour on the plantations but given land when freed in 1865. They speak a dialect known as Gullah that's unique to the African Americans of the Sea Islands of South Carolina and Georgia.

Nicknamed the 'Palmetto State', it has a rich history documented in the historic district of Charleston and restored plantation estates. Civil War enthusiasts and those interested in the history of slavery in the USA enjoy a wealth of attractions in South Carolina, while those less engaged can simply soak up the distinct southern culture.