Getting Around

Abidjan's public transport system can be difficult to navigate, as there are a number of different taxis operating in the city. Orange taxi cabs operate throughout the city and are the most expensive but also generally the safest option; taxis of other colours operate only in specific areas, are usually shared, and tend to be much cheaper. Taxis are rarely metered and a fare should be negotiated before getting into the vehicle. Motorcycle taxis also operate in Abidjan, and although cheap, they are best avoided due to safety concerns.

Buses operate along fixed routes in Abidjan, but are often overcrowded and plagued by petty theft, especially at bus stations. Ferries travel across the lagoon. Car hire is available at the airport, although self-drive is not recommended, as roads can be chaotic and difficult to navigate. Often the best option for visitors is to hire a vehicle with a driver. Mobile App taxi services such as TaxiJet (similar to Uber) are also an option for travellers looking for convenience and safety.