Algiers Travel Guide

Located less than a three hour flight from London, Algiers has all the ingredients needed for an ideal holiday destination: a sunny climate, beautiful beaches and fascinating historical attractions. Algiers was a popular holiday spot in the Victorian era, but security concerns mean its popularity has waned in recent decades and most visitors now are there on business.

Intrepid explorers who find themselves in Algiers should start with a visit to the Casbah, which is the oldest part of the city and is a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Casbah is home to some beautiful mosques such as the El Kebir Mosque, which is the oldest in Algiers.

Another stunning sight is the Notre Dame d'Afrique; the small basilica is a beautiful example of Romanesque architecture and offers great views of the city from the tower. Algiers also has some excellent museums, namely the National Museum of Fine Arts, the Military Museum, the Museum of Antiquities and the Museum of Traditional and Popular Arts.

One of the best ways to enjoy Algiers is by soaking up the sunshine. Visitors can do this at the Aquafortland waterpark, or at the seaside resorts such as Sidi Fredj, Palm Beach, Douaouda or the Club of the Pines.

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