Algeria Travel Guide

Africa's largest country is a must for intrepid travellers, its snow-flecked mountains and rugged coastline promising romance and adventure. Urbane, captivating cities such as Algiers and Constantine add to its splendour, as do some of the finest Roman sites in the world.

The capital, Algiers, reveals its turbulent history through French-built boulevards, socialist-era monuments and elegant apartments that weave a textured tale of destruction and rebirth. By contrast, laid-back Tlemcen is surrounded by olive trees and vineyards, and provides a change of pace. It's a wonderful destination for leather shopping. Hikers can explore the lunar landscapes of the northwestern mountain ranges, while Djemila and other beautifully preserved Roman towns offer a glimpse into the area's past. Further south, the Saharan region extends over a sea of sand to mountains that are as beautiful as they are unyielding. Their caverns contain rock paintings that date back more than 10,000 years.

Unlike neighbouring Morocco, Algeria has yet to become an established tourist destination. However, given its natural beauty, history and rich culture, that may soon change. The country has also made a real effort to improve its general safety, though travel to the more remote areas and wider Sahel region is still considered extremely dangerous with regards to terrorists.