Davao Travel Guide

Located in the Mindanao region, Davao City is the gateway to the southern Philippines. A beautiful landscape of hills and fertile valleys surrounds this hub of commerce and industry, with Mount Apo towering above all else. The potentially active volcano is the country's highest mountain.

Many indigenous tribes still inhabit the valleys outside Davao, such as the Bilaan, Bagobo, Mandaya and Manobo. Davao is also in the centre of the country's fruit and flower-growing zone. Travellers who visit in August can enjoy the annual Kadayawan Festival, which celebrates life and gives thanks for a bountiful harvest. Otherwise, the region is home to gorgeous dive sites, remote islands and tropical beaches. Nature lovers may see the endangered Philippine Eagle and the rare Vanda Sanderiana Orchid.

Sadly, travel authorities consider the region to be unsafe, as it suffers under a high threat of piracy and terrorism. Travellers who visit Davao should plan their stays carefully to ensure maximum safety, especially in remote areas.