Getting Around

The city centre is small and compact and easy to navigate on foot, but buses and trams operate a frequent and regular service throughout the day. Tickets should be bought at kiosks before boarding.

Taxis are reasonably inexpensive and booking by phone is cheaper than hailing one on the street. As tourists can be overcharged it is best to ask at your hotel what a fair price would be for your journey and agree on a fare with the driver before setting off. Ride-share apps also operate in the city.

The fast train system (SKM) is the most efficient way to get between the three towns comprising the Tri-City area. Trains run pretty much every 10 to 15 minutes between 5am and 7pm through the Tri-City, and less frequently outside of these hours with only occasional trains between 12am and 4am. Tickets for the SKM can be bought at ticket machines which can be found on most platforms and have instructions in English and a few other languages. Children under four travel for free on the fast train system.

The Gdansk-Sopot-Gdynia Plus Tourist Card, which can be bought at tourist information points throughout the city, will allow visitors to use the Tri-City transport network free of charge, as well as providing discounts for many attractions, and is well worth buying for tourists who will be spending some time in the area.