Guangzhou Climate and Weather

Guangzhou is part of the Pearl River Delta and has a humid subtropical climate. The city is situated just under the Tropic of Cancer and the generally pleasant weather is a big advantage for travellers. Guangzhou has fairly good weather year round with a generally warm and humid climate. As with most of China, the four seasons are distinct. Summers (June to September) are wet, humid, and hot, and winters (December to March) are mild and dry. Springs and autumns are temperate and very pleasant, but as spring is prone to rain, autumn (September to early December) is probably the best time to visit Guangzhou. The daily mean temperature range is from 57F (14C) in winter to 84F (29C) in summer. Guangzhou does experience the Asian monsoon and actually has a lengthy monsoon season from April to September. The heat and humidity can be a bit overwhelming in summer and good sun protection is required if travellers are visiting at this time.