Getting Around

There is an efficient and expanding public transportation system that makes getting around in Guangzhou relatively simple. The Yang Cheng Tong card, available from convenience stores throughout the city, offers discounted travel using local buses, subways, and even some taxis. The subway covers much of downtown, and the stations are clearly marked with the Guangzhou Metro logo. The bus system has a more comprehensive service, but is slow if passengers are travelling long distances. Buses require exact change or a Yang Cheng Tong card.

Taxis are a popular form of transport in Guangzhou for visitors, as they are cheap and reliable. Many drivers will not speak English, however, so it is best to have the destination written in Chinese to show them. Renting a car is possible, but driving in the downtown area can be confusing and possibly dangerous for those unfamiliar with Chinese, as the road signs are not in English.

China has a reputation for being bicycle-friendly, but Guangzhou does not have necessary amenities such as bicycle lanes. Travellers can rent a bicycle on Shamian Island, but for longer stays it is preferable to buy one, as rentals are often in bad repair. It is also possible to explore some areas of the city on foot, but the various districts are far apart.


Guangzhou Airport

The airport is situated 17 miles (28km) from Guangzhou city centre.

Guangzhou Airport (CAN)


The airport is situated 17 miles (28km) from Guangzhou city centre.

Getting to the city

There are 5 Airport Express lines and 6 Airport Non-stop lines to round-trip between airport and downtown. There are also local taxis that transport passengers to and from Guangzhou city.


Local time is GMT +8

Car rental

Rental cars are available at the airport, or in downtown Guangzhou.

Airport Taxis

There are taxis available at Guangzhou Airport.


There is a post office, bank, business centre and information desk at the airport, as well as leather, cosmetics, and local speciality stores. The airport also has dining facilities and a wine and cigarette shop. Special facilities for the disabled are provided.


There is both covered and uncovered parking at Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport.