Kingston Travel Guide

Bustling, squalid and soulful, Kingston is the heart of one of the Caribbean's most alluring islands and offers visitors a good dose of natural beauty, a dash of urban ugliness, and a rollicking party scene.

A holiday in Kingston is best spent at one of the beach resorts adjacent to the city itself, but no one who visits Jamaica should miss out on exploring the capital. A Kingston holiday attracts reggae fanatics, Rastafarians, those interested in Caribbean art and music, and many a party animal keen to enjoy the vibey nightlife. The city is nestled in an idyllic tropical landscape with beautiful beaches on its doorstep and the Blue Mountains looming behind, beckoning birders and hikers onto its lush slopes.

Kingston is an enigmatic city, difficult to define, and with a culture that sets it slightly apart from the rest of the island nation. Parts of the inner-city can be dangerous and are best avoided, but generally Kingston is welcoming and captivating, combining the legacy of famous sons such as Bob Marley with a forward-looking, modern drive.

Best time to visit Kingston

Travellers are assured of sunshine and sultry tropical days and nights no matter what time of year they holiday in Kingston. Mountains shelter the city from most of the rain, so even if travellers visit Kingston during the Caribbean rainy season (May to November), they are unlikely to have tropical storms spoiling their fun. Having said that, most visitors prefer to avoid the hurricane season in Jamaica (June to November) and tourism peaks in the dry season between mid-December and mid-April.

What to see in Kingston

-Celebrate Jamaica's most iconic native son at the Bob Marley Museum.

-Explore Devon House, a wonderful example of Jamaican Georgian architecture.

-Learn about Jamaican art at the National Gallery.

-Admire the historic old buildings of picturesque Spanish Town.

What to do in Kingston

-Hike one of the stunning trails in the Blue Mountains.

-Enjoy a picnic in the tropical beauty of the Hope Botanical Gardens.

-Visit the Jablum Coffee Company and sample their famous Blue Mountain coffee.

-Stroll around the old pirate hangout of Port Royal.

Beyond Kingston

Kingston is most commonly used as a springboard or starting point for travel further afield in Jamaica. Port Antonio, separated from Kingston by the Blue Mountains, is a popular destination, and Ocho Rios is also close by. Two other favourite beach resort destinations are Montego Bay and Negril, and although they are on the other side of the island, Jamaica is small enough to allow for such travel.

Getting there

The main gateway to the beaches and resorts of Jamaica, Norman Manley Kingston International Airport, is located 11 miles (18km) southeast of Kingston. There are regular cheap flights to Kingston from the US and the UK.

Did you know?

-Kingston was founded in 1692 as a refuge for survivors of the earthquake that destroyed Port Royal.

-Traditionally, King Charles III is still considered King of Jamaica.

-Kingston boasts the world's seventh largest natural harbour.