Kingston Climate and Weather

Jamaica has a tropical climate with year-round constant high temperatures and humidity and little seasonal variation: there is a dry season and a wet season. The city of Kingston lies on the dry part of the island, which means that it receives less rain on average.

When it does rain, showers are short, heavy and followed by sunshine, and they can happen at any time of year. The locals refer to these brief showers as 'liquid sunshine' and they seldom interrupt the balmy weather for long. The rainiest weather occurs in May and June and later in October and November, sometimes extending into December. Tropical storms and hurricanes can occur between July and November. This is in line with the Jamaican rainy season which runs from May to November.

Although the mountains protect Kingston from the worst of the rain, the Jamaican dry season, between mid-December and mid-April, is still the most popular time to visit the city. If you are travelling on a budget the best time to visit Kingston is during the wet season when prices tend to be lower and things are less crowded. It is hot enough to enjoy the beaches and swim in the warm Caribbean waters all year.