Lusaka Travel Guide

Zambia's vibrant capital is an interesting mixture of modern and traditional, its high-rise buildings towering over colourful outdoor markets. Visitors will find a number of fascinating sights and attractions, including museums such as the Lusaka National Museum and the Zintu Community Museum; monuments and statues dedicated to freedom fighters; and cultural attractions such as a theatre, cinema, zoo, golf club and the Munda Wanga Environmental Park.

Lusaka is also the best shopping destination in Zambia, where traditional goods and handcrafted souvenirs on sale next to Western shops such as Woolworth's and Shoprite. There are a variety of restaurants ranging from pizza and sandwich shops to Korean barbecue and Pakistani kormas, and enough bars and clubs to keep both locals and visitors entertained.

Centrally located, the city is within driving distance of many of Zambia's game parks, including South Luangwa National Park and Kafue National Park. Blue Lagoon is a popular excursion for viewing game such as zebra, buffalo and hippos.

The sprawling and chaotic city can be quite overwhelming, and foreigners need to be vigilant and protect themselves against crime. However, the Zambian people tend to be very friendly. Lusaka is not really a prime tourist destination, but many travellers find it necessary to travel through the city. Those who spend time in Zambia's capital should find plenty to keep them entertained.