Tel Aviv Climate and Weather

Tel Aviv's climate is dry-summer, subtropical, with hot summers and mild winters. Although it is close to Jerusalem, Tel Aviv has quite a different climate, as it's not as highly elevated, making it hotter and more humid. The average summer temperature in Tel Aviv is 77F (25C), and the average winter temperature is 57F (14C).

November to April is the wet season, and humidity tends to be high year round. In winter rainfall comes in the form of heavy showers and thunderstorms; snow is extremely rare in Tel Aviv. Although summer is the hottest season, Tel Aviv can experience severe heat waves in spring. The city gets plenty of sun, even in winter. July and August are the busiest tourist months in Tel Aviv. October is when Israelis tend to take vacations, so at this time prices will also go up and finding accommodation may be more difficult. The best time to visit Tel Aviv is in March and April or September.

Tel Aviv