Tel Aviv undoubtedly offers the best shopping options for tourists in Israel, whether the hunt revolves around speciality items, high fashion, or some authentic Israeli souvenirs.

There are three main types of shopping experience to be had in Tel Aviv, with the most memorable of them being a visit to the city's wonderful, colourful marketplaces (shuks). These open-air markets bustle from dawn to dusk and, over and above the exciting things to buy from their noisy vendors, are tourist attractions in themselves, giving visitors a real taste of the Middle East. The biggest and busiest market is the Carmel Market (near Allenby Street), but the Flea Market (Rabi Nachman Street) is a great place for antique-hunters, and the Levinsky Market (on Levinsky Street) is the place to go for dried foods and spices.

Tel Aviv also has a fast-growing shopping mall culture, where shoppers are likely to find international brands. The biggest and best shopping malls in Tel Aviv include Azrieli, the Dizengoff Centre and Gan Ha'ir, all located near the city centre.

Tel Aviv also has a few remaining speciality shopping streets. For those seeking fashion deals, Dizengoff Street is a must. Visitors will find arts, crafts, jewellery and Judaica products on Gordon Street.


Tel Aviv is the irrepressible social hub of Israel and has a great selection of bars, clubs and pubs with enough loud music, dancing and merriment to keep any party person happy. The saying in Israel goes 'Haifa works, Jerusalem prays, Tel Aviv plays', and this should give visitors some idea of what they're in for.

During the summer months, many visitors kick things off with sundowners at one of the many beach bars, such as the popular Jerusalem Beach or Banana Beach. The nightlife in Tel Aviv doesn't usually get going until around 11pm, so it's best to ease into the swing of things by going out for dinner before hitting the bars and clubs. Even on Friday nights during Shabbat, the locals go wild, while Thursday nights are another big night out in Tel Aviv.

Clubs and bars are constantly changing, but the main areas stay the same. Allenby Street is a good place to start, with more than 20 clubs centred round the small area, offering house, disco, funk and techno music. The Tel Aviv port and Rotschild Blvd areas are popular too; while those looking for a gay scene should head to the trendy Florentin district.

Visitors should expect traffic jams at 2am, as this city never sleeps and is capable of keeping them up way past dawn.