Valletta Travel Guide

Valletta is a gilded Baroque gem of a city bursting with history, culture and art, which attracts more tourists annually than it has residents. Among European aristocrats, the beautiful Baroque features of the city once earned it the nickname 'Superbissima', meaning 'Most Proud'. Indeed, the Knights of St John built it to impress and induce feelings of wonderment.

The treasures of their palaces, churches, and gathering places are still the main attractions of Valletta. Ancient, prehistoric remains which dot the island also draw the interest of visitors, while it remains in proximity to Mdina and the historic Three Cities.

Valletta has a sedate but atmospheric nightlife, some great restaurants and wine bars, and decent shopping opportunities. But the city is perhaps best-known for its world-class historical sightseeing more than for anything else.

Best time to visit Valletta

The pleasant Mediterranean climate makes Valletta a year-round destination. The summers (May to August) can be swelteringly hot and the winters (November to February) are mild and rainy. The best time to visit is in spring, between March and May, and autumn, especially September.

What to see in Valletta

-Watch the Malta Experience documentary to gain insight into the country.

-Wander through the opulent rooms of the Palace of the Grandmaster.

-Learn about the modern military history of Malta in the Lascaris War Rooms.

-Visit St John's Co-Cathedral, a magnificent medieval church.

What to do in Valletta

-Explore the prehistoric temple complex of Hagar Qim.

-Take a tour of the ancient underground world of the Hal Saflieni Hypogeum.

-Take a walking tour of the historic Three Cities.

-Spend a day sightseeing in the noble ancient city of Mdina.

Beyond Valletta

There are many worthwhile attractions just outside of Valletta, including Mdina, some ancient temple complexes, and the village of Mosta with its famous St Mary's Church. There are also some wonderful family excursions to amusement parks such as Popeye Village and Splash and Fun Water Park.

Getting there

Malta International Airport is located three miles (5km) southwest of the capital city of Valletta. It is an award-winning airport with great facilities.

Did you know?

-Valletta was recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1980.

-The city is said to have been built 'by gentlemen for gentlemen'.

-Valletta's Manoel Theatre is the third-oldest working theatre in Europe.