Valletta Climate and Weather

The Mediterranean climate of Valletta ensures the weather is hot and dry during summer (June to September) and slightly cooler in winter (December to March). Summer temperatures often exceed 84F (30C), but the heat tends to be tempered by refreshing sea breezes.

In spring and autumn, the hot Xlokk wind sometimes brings high temperatures and humidity but the weather is generally pleasant, hot, and sunny. Winters are mild, with temperatures averaging between about 50F (10C) and 59F (15C). Valletta experiences little rainfall, with it generally occurring only in winter. The city never gets any snow.

Valletta is a year-round holiday destination, as even the damp winter is mild enough to be pleasant for a sightseeing vacation. In fact, many tourists prefer to avoid the swelteringly hot summer in favour of the milder shoulder seasons, when it is also less crowded.

The best time to visit Valletta is probably in March, April, May, or September, but the peak tourist season is still the summer, between June and August. Winter is a good time to visit because it is slightly cheaper, less crowded and never really cold.