Xi An Climate and Weather

Xi'an is semi-arid and has a continental monsoon climate, with four distinct seasons. The range in temperatures throughout the year is fairly steep, with hot days in summer, between June and August, reaching 93F (34C), and winter days, between December and February, getting as cold as 21F (-6C). Summers are usually hot and stormy and can be uncomfortably humid. Autumns are pleasantly cool and temperate, but can be rainy. Although early autumn tends to be overcast, it gradually becomes more pleasant and sunny. Winters are cold and dry with some snowfall. Springs are warm and pleasant, but highly changeable. There are occasional dust storms in spring due to the rapid rise in temperature. July to September is the wet season. The weather is actually quite pleasant all year round, with the possible exception of winter, but the best times to visit Xi'an are spring, between March and May, and autumn, from September to October.

Xi An