Getting Around

Getting around in Xi'an is fairly easy. Buses run frequently, linking most attractions, and they are generally less daunting and more reliable than the buses in big cities such as Beijing and Shanghai. There are also smaller and more crowded minibuses available. Taxis are plentiful and easy to find, but visitors should ensure that the meter is switched on as drivers tend to overcharge with 'fixed rates'. As in most Chinese cities, hiring a bicycle is also a popular option, though visitors should be careful on the busy streets. Bicycles are best for the more touristy areas and for taking a ride along the city wall.

The best way to see the city, or at least parts of the city, is to walk. Xi'an is relatively small and compact and easy to navigate on foot. It is also generally a safe city, which makes walking a more viable option. For slightly longer distances, tuk-tuks are available in the city. Tuk-tuks are covered wagons connected to motorcycles and are cheaper than taxis. Travellers should make sure to bargain with drivers before getting in so that they don't overcharge.