Climate in Lesotho

Weather conditions in Lesotho vary greatly depending on the altitude. Summer (October to April) is the hot, rainy season, with the hottest days in January and February, and the most rain falling between March and May and between October and November.

Days are sunny with electric afternoon thunderstorms, and temperatures range from around 86ºF (30°C) in the lowlands. Temperatures cool down as the altitude increases, averaging about 64°F (18°C) in the mountains. Snow falls mainly in winter from May to September, but can occur in the mountains at any time of year.

Winter can be bitterly cold, particularly in the highlands, but days are usually clear and sunny. Temperatures can fall to 20°F (-7°C) in the lowlands and 0°F (-18°C) in the highlands. At any time of year, the weather can change very rapidly in the highlands, from warm sunshine to mist, rain and freezing temperatures.