Things to do in Lesotho

Known as the Mountain Kingdom, Lesotho boasts some of the most scenic mountain peaks in Southern Africa, making it an ideal destination for travellers who love the outdoors, fresh air, and wide open spaces. The lush and beautiful landscape allows for many things to see and do in Lesotho. Sought-after activities include birdwatching and wildlife safaris, offered at the likes of Sehlabathebe National Park. It's a nature reserve made up of 6,500 hectares and positioned at an elevation of 7,874 feet (2,400m). This protected wilderness area is the ideal spot for hiking, pony-trekking, and scenic explorations. While game sightings are limited to antelope, the landscapes and natural wonders are more than enough to excite lovers of the outdoors.

Another tourist favourite in Lesotho is Thaba-Bosiu. This sandstone plateau is a national monument and considered the birthplace of the Basotho nation. It's worth a visit for its history and spectacular views. From Thaba-Bosiu, travellers can see the Qiloane pinnacle, which was the inspiration for Lesotho's celebrated hat, the . While there are water sports aplenty at the great Katse Dam in the summer months, skiing in the Maloti Mountains during the winter months is a big drawcard for tourists the world over. Skiing in Lesotho offers travellers a unique winter experience not usually found in Africa.

For the culturally inclined, other tourist attractions in Lesotho include a chance to delve into history at the Lesotho National Museum in Maseru and the Morija Museum and Archives, which offer collections on archaeology, ethnography, and geology. Visitors can also discover the Kome Cave Dwellings, now a National Heritage Site where the rich culture of Lesotho's people is contained. Rock art is also a popular find in Lesotho, as are the famed Dinosaur Footprints found at Morija, Subeng Stream, and Tsikoane, to name a few.