Climate in Zambia

Zambia is warm all year round but has three distinct seasons. The weather is hot and wet between December and April, cooler and dry from May to August, and hot and dry between September and November. The rains come earlier and last longer the further north in Zambia travellers venture, and the east generally receives more rainfall than the western lowlands. The Zambian summer, between November and March, can get swelteringly hot, with the average temperatures ranging between 77F and 95F (25C and 35C), while in winter, between May and August, the temperature range becomes far greater, as temperatures can measure anywhere between 43F and 75F (6C and 24C). Autumn and spring are short in Zambia and aren't really distinct seasons. During the rainy season, roads often become impassable due to mud and potholes, and many attractions are unreachable, meaning many camps close. The best time to visit Zambia is between June and September, when the nights are cold but the days are usually sunny and pleasant, and game viewing is at its best.