Victoria is Australia's second smallest state, covering an area roughly the size of Britain. It hugs the tip of Australia's east coast and has a decidedly clement climate. Packed into this relatively compact area is a wealth of diverse natural attractions, from national parks and forests teeming with wildlife to wineries, lakes and mountains offering skiing, climbing and hiking. Best of all, many of Victoria's unique and varied landscapes are easily accessible as day trips from the state capital of Melbourne. In fact, weekend getaways and outdoor adventures are cornerstones of Victorian culture, giving the state a fun, touristy feel year-round courtesy of the adventurous locals.

There is also lots of cultural excitement to be had, with art galleries, museums and unique architectural landmarks to enjoy. Victoria has a very full events calendar, with lots of music concerts, a diverse range of festivals, and lots of opportunities to enjoy the high-quality performing arts of Australia.

Between the well-signposted tourist routes, the proliferation of characterful country towns, the wealth of outdoor activities and adventures, and the impressive variety of attractions in Melbourne alone, visitors to Victoria are sure to be swamped by exciting opportunities.